Common Causes of Foundation Issues

The foundation is often unappreciated because it is hidden away at the bottom of every structure. However, it performs what is arguably the most important task: ensure that the building stays upright and intact whatever happens. The integrity of the foundation must be protected at all costs. When it is threatened, experts must be called upon to arrange suitable foundation repair equipment to fix the problem. This should be done at the soonest possible time to prevent things from degenerating even further. There could be several things causing the issue and we discuss each of them briefly below:

Uneven Terrain

Homes built on uneven terrain are prone to foundation problems. The slope causes instability that must be countered with sound building techniques for such cases. Yet sometimes this is not enough as the soil can get eroded due to natural causes like rain and wind. Over time, the level of erosion can be so pronounced as to make the initial building arrangements inadequate for the new conditions. Intervention is required to make the house level again and prevent additional deterioration. The remedy will depend of several factors including the soil composition, the angle of the slope, the state of the foundation, and more.

Excessive Water

Rain and snow can result in massive damage. They can soak the soil which expands individual particles causing pressure to mount on the structure. The moisture can also find its way inside through cracks and fissures. In time, this weakens the materials from within and things begin to crumble. Water damage can be avoided through a solid drainage system which channels excess water to their proper places. Waterproof the sides of basements and crawlspaces. Place vegetation a good distance away from the perimeter of the structure. Contain the possible source of problems early so that they don't present unwanted consequences later.

Soil Compaction

The absence of water can result in problems as well. This happens in places where draughts are common. The soil particles shrink because of the loss in moisture. The pockets of water underneath the structure get emptied so the ground level can shift at different places. One part of the house may begin to slide down. This usually occurs at a very slow rate such that years can pass by without the owner noticing the problem. Eventually, tell-tale signs like cracks on the floor alert the people to the problem at hand and they mobilize to check on the cause. Visit our website.

Poor Building Methods

The way a structure is built from the start will have a tremendous effect on how it will hold up in the future as challenges arise. Older houses tend to suffer greatly from foundation issues because the methods used then were rather crude. The materials employed then are also prone to damage. Those who would like to preserve old buildings need to have professionals check on the foundation to detect all of the problems that have accumulated throughout the decades. They will lay suitable foundation repair equipment to fix them.