The Best St Louis Restaurants in the Area

Deciding where to eat on a family night out is easier said than done. If you eat meat, you will no doubt be faced with a variety of options. However, if you are a vegetarian, your list of choices are far less. This could probably be because vegan food is not as popular as places that sell chicken fast food. People also view vegan food as typically bland, tasteless and boring. However, the contrary is true. Vegetables are full of flavor and if you know how to correctly prepare them and use them in combination with the right spices and ingredients, then you can look forward to a delicious vegan meal in some of the best St Louis restaurants in the area.

Why Should You Try Vegetarian Food

People all over the world are aware that vegetables do more good for the body than meat, however, people continue to eat meat. For one, meat makes your digestive system work harder to break it down as compared to vegetables that digest easily. In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of how their lifestyle could affect their future and so have started adopting healthier eating habits. This means that they have started to cut out the bad food, such as those high in fat and cholesterol, and included more fruit and vegetables in their diet. Vegetables have many benefits for the body including keeping illness and disease at bay. You do not need to completely cut meat out of your diet, however, you should gradually start replacing the large meat portions you consume with vegetables.

If you grew up eating steamed vegetables, then you will most likely not be a fan of any vegetable, however, you can change that mindset by taking a trip to one of the Chinese vegan restaurants in the area. Not all food prepared by the Chinese include soy sauce and there are many other flavors that are used to cook their veggies. For instance for a starter, you may expect to have hot or cold noodles, steamed veggie dumplings or fried spring rolls. For the main course, you may choose between fried rice and tofu, fried dumplings, steamed veggies with garlic sauce or orange cauliflower. If you are already a vegetarian but have never explored the way in which Chinese cook their vegetables, this would be a good time to start. In some restaurants, they use oil that the fry meat in to prepared veggies, so if you are strictly a vegetarian, you should politely make it clear to the waiter that your food must not be prepared in the same oil. Some of the desserts that you can expect to find in Chinese restaurants are sesame seed balls. These are made from glutinous rice flour, filled with red bean paste, which is a popular ingredient in Chinese desserts and then rolled in sesame seeds and deep fried. If you are in any paleo restaurants st louis, you can request this tasty dessert to make your Chinese vegan food experience complete.